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“They have become trusted partners of our agency”

We have worked with PSK as our auditing partner for 5 years.  Getting an annual audit is crucial for our nonprofit, so that all stakeholders have assurance we are fiscally responsible with the resources that we are given.  Over these many years, the relationship has expanded from auditor to true business partner.  Whether it is a tax question, issues with a new software implementation, or just keeping up with the ever changing landscape of government regulations in healthcare, we count on PSK as our business partner to be right there beside us with any guidance we need.

This last year, we experienced a number of unusual situations, and we  reached out to them for assistance in resolving those issues. One issue involved communicating with the IRS. Their insight and experience proved invaluable. When we discovered some accounting software discrepancies mid-year, they not only devoted additional time and effort to helping us quantify the problem, their staff came out and walked through our entire process from client intake to reconciliation of our Accounts Receivable so that they truly understood every step of what we do. This gave them a deep understanding of our business, our efficiencies as well as our challenges, in a way that would not be possible had they simply looked at the books that we gave them. As a result, we know that they do go ‘the extra mile’ to understand their clients, and they have become trusted partners of our agency. They are true professionals, and we know that they are supportive of the success of our mission.

Vicki Niedermayer, M.S., CEO
Helping Restore Ability


“Very professional and knowledgeable team!”

PSK has provided EOY audit service to Winston Water Cooler for 4 years.  Our experience is they mesh what could be a very tedious oricess of auditing our multiple companies into our day to day business without any disruptions.

The teams that have conducted these audits and our other financial reviews have always been courteous professionals who are very knowledgeable and helpful.  They are very supportive and quick to respond with an post audit questions.

If we had to sum up their services in a single phrase it would be, “Smart, Friendly and Fast!”

Dwayne Ferrell & Jim Davidson
Winston Water Cooler, LTD.

“Their courtesy and patience is truly unequivocal”

We have worked with PSK for about 20 years and could not be more pleased with their services.  The professionalism and insight they give us with each and every audit is outstanding and teaches us how to do our work with more integrity and accuracy.  They also have an outstanding system where we can upload documents electronically throughout the year since we have thousands of documents that have to be examined at the time of the audit.  We always enjoy working with each and every staff member because their courtesy and patience is truly unequivocal.  I highly recommend them every chance I get.

Kay Doyle, CAO
Cornerstone Assistance Network


“By far the best resource I have found is PSK!”

It is extremely challenging today to keep up with the new rules and laws affecting church accounting and operations.  For the Business Administrator that means finding resources to help you in balancing all that you are faced with on a daily basis.  By far the best resource I have found is PSK!  (more…)

“I would not hesitate to recommend them to other healthcare providers.”

PSK has provided accounting services to Arlington Physicians for over ten years.  The services they provide range from all details of the monthly financial statements to tax accounting.

The staff at PSK has proven to be knowledgeable of the accounting processes as they apply to the field of healthcare, and particularly to the physician’s office.  (more…)

“I can highly recommend the accounting firm of PSK, LLP”

Church management is becoming more and more complex in the light of world we live in. From an Executive Pastor and Business Manager’s perspective, I can highly recommend the accounting firm of PSK, LLP to join your staff as an integral part of your management team. It has been my pleasure to utilize the services of PSK since 1999, and I can assure you that the services they bring to your church add value to your office and operations. (more…)

“Not only knowledgeable and professional, but very helpful”

Riverbend Retreat Center had always done annual financial reviews up until ten years ago, when we scheduled the first audit.  While we felt there was nothing amiss in our finances, the thought of the first audit was quite intimidating.  We chose the firm of PSK as they came highly recommended by several churches and businesses in the area.

For the past ten years PSK has been our auditor.  We have found them to be not only knowledgeable and professional, but very helpful and supportive to our finance staff in carrying out what can be a very demanding undertaking.  From the communication up front with our staff to the onsite work to the Board report, our experience with PSK has been very positive. (more…)

“Big league stature with small town personal attention”

I would like to highly recommend the firm of PSK to any profit oriented or non-profit entity as well as individuals who are looking for quality attention to their tax, audit and accounting needs. Tarrant Baptist Association has been working with PSK for many years, and I personally have had an ongoing relationship with their quality professionals for more than six years. Their service is big league stature with small town personal attention, a rare mix in the modern business setting in which our world operates. I recommend their services regularly to church members, ministers and congregations with whom our organization relates. They frequently call back to say thanks for directing them to PSK. That is proof to me that they treat all clients with the highest level of professionalism that I have grown to enjoy. My opinion is that you only need to make one stop when seeking out the services they provide. Give them a call. I trust that you will be pleased.

Gary L. Crowell, CFO
Tarrant Baptist Association

“PSK treated us the same whether we were big or little”

They’re great, I really love them!

We started using PSK around 1998 or so. We’d worked with three or four other tax people before that, but we needed to go to a different level.

We were building an 11,000 square foot warehouse and office on five acres. We were finally turning a profit and learned we suddenly needed to make decisions about what to do with the money! Another reason for the change was that our bank demanded better, and better financial reports—especially as we expanded. (more…)

“PSK has brought an additional level of recognition and respect”

We are glad to be working with PSK as our trusted advisors. Being born and raised in Arlington, I have been long aware of PSK and their reputation in the local community. As a business partner, PSK has brought an additional level of recognition and respect for the Kinley family of companies.

By thoroughly understanding our companies and what we do, PSK has been able to become a very valuable partner in helping Kinley deal with the twists and turns of multi-state issues and industry-specific challenges. PSK’s ability to keep us aware of potential changes in tax law and other opportunities that could affect our company in the future is simply continuing proof of PSK’s commitment to Kinley and our success as a company. PSK’s commitment to our companies is greatly appreciated. (more…)

“We had good rapport right off the bat…”

This is the only church I’ve ever worked in and I love it. It’s definitely a calling. My boss is the pastor of business operations. We regularly have 2,000-2,500 people attending weekend services, but there are over 4,000 members.

People trying to do ministry work don’t always appreciate the documentation that is necessary to ensure accountability and often consider it red tape and bureaucratic, but knowing that what you are actually doing is safeguarding our 501c3 status so we can continue to minister is rewarding. (more…)

“You make an audit pleasant.”

Most people say the word “audit” with dread, but I always look forward to seeing you guys. You make an audit pleasant.

Finance Assistant
C3 Church

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