Kylie Lindsey, CPA


Kylie has been a member of the PSK team for 19 years. She began in our accounting department as an intern while a college student at UTA.

She serves as a tax and accounting partner, always striving to partner with her clients to provide the best service possible. She enjoys making close and lasting relationships with all of her clients. She enjoys the small firm atmosphere of PSK while getting to enjoy the clients served by PSK that are a variety of sizes and industries.

Kylie was originally planning to be a lawyer but decided to take some accounting classes after lots of encouragement from her mom. She was reluctant at first because she thought all accountants were boring. She quickly changed her mind when she realized how easily accounting came to her and how much she enjoyed it. Not long after joining PSK she realized that not all accountants were boring!

Practice Areas

Professional Services, Manufacturing, Construction,Family-Owned Businesses, Accounting & Payroll, Business Tax,Personal Tax, Quickbooks® Consulting, Rent-a-Controller, Churches, Nonprofit

Words to live by

People will forget what you say but they will never forget how you made them feel

Interests outside of work

Kylie enjoys traveling, Jazzercise and her kids' various activities

What was your first job?

Front Desk at a Dry Cleaners

What lesson from mom or dad do you still live by today?

The importance of honesty and integrity

What music/bands do you like to listen to?

Country and Christian

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