“They have become trusted partners of our agency”

We have worked with PSK as our auditing partner for 5 years.  Getting an annual audit is crucial for our nonprofit, so that all stakeholders have assurance we are fiscally responsible with the resources that we are given.  Over these many years, the relationship has expanded from auditor to true business partner.  Whether it is a tax question, issues with a new software implementation, or just keeping up with the ever changing landscape of government regulations in healthcare, we count on PSK as our business partner to be right there beside us with any guidance we need.

This last year, we experienced a number of unusual situations, and we  reached out to them for assistance in resolving those issues. One issue involved communicating with the IRS. Their insight and experience proved invaluable. When we discovered some accounting software discrepancies mid-year, they not only devoted additional time and effort to helping us quantify the problem, their staff came out and walked through our entire process from client intake to reconciliation of our Accounts Receivable so that they truly understood every step of what we do. This gave them a deep understanding of our business, our efficiencies as well as our challenges, in a way that would not be possible had they simply looked at the books that we gave them. As a result, we know that they do go ‘the extra mile’ to understand their clients, and they have become trusted partners of our agency. They are true professionals, and we know that they are supportive of the success of our mission.

Vicki Niedermayer, M.S., CEO
Helping Restore Ability


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