“PSK has brought an additional level of recognition and respect”

We are glad to be working with PSK as our trusted advisors. Being born and raised in Arlington, I have been long aware of PSK and their reputation in the local community. As a business partner, PSK has brought an additional level of recognition and respect for the Kinley family of companies.

By thoroughly understanding our companies and what we do, PSK has been able to become a very valuable partner in helping Kinley deal with the twists and turns of multi-state issues and industry-specific challenges. PSK’s ability to keep us aware of potential changes in tax law and other opportunities that could affect our company in the future is simply continuing proof of PSK’s commitment to Kinley and our success as a company. PSK’s commitment to our companies is greatly appreciated.

On the tax side, we work with Joe Foster and Susan Harris. For audits (financial and 401K related), we work with Steve Kilpatrick and Bryan Baughman.

PSK has also acted as consultants for our companies in several business matters over the years, ranging from changes in business structure, creation of new entities, ownership changes and other matters specific to our industry. The creation of new entities can often have a tax impact and we consider both Steve and Joe as trusted advisors when faced with many such changes and challenges.

Over the years we have worked with several different banks in the DFW area and when asked who handles our audit and tax work, there was always immediate recognition, respect and a certain level of comfort when we responded “PSK”.

PSK has been a valuable part of our community for over 45 years. If you take the city of Arlington and look back over the years at the many great things that have that have come our way—General Motors, the Texas Rangers, Six Flags, Dallas Cowboys—these guys have been here for all of this amazing growth. PSK is definitely a very valued part of the city of Arlington’s history and future.

Mark McGuire
Kinley Construction Group, CFO

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