When investing in private companies, the opportunity for reward is high, but so is the potential risk. Regular financial statement audits and/or reviews provide current and prospective investors assurance. Thorough due diligence procedures can be performed for prospective companies as you expand the size and diversity of your holdings.

Investment groups may have to obtain multiple audits and/or reviews every year depending on the number of companies you manage. Many times this might mean coordinating separate engagements with several different CPA firms.

Imagine being able to spend your energy researching new prospects and raising capital, rather than spending valuable time compiling financial information. Our accountants have extensive experience working with investment groups, as many of them focused on this type of work in their former “Big Four” lives.

By hiring PSK to assist you with the companies in your portfolio, your board members could rely on consistent performance and an overall stronger service team. Whether you’re managing a portfolio of companies within an investment group or performing due diligence for a potential acquisition, you need reports that reassure you’ve made strong choices and help you quickly spot if one’s not performing.

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