Nonprofits inherently feel a squeeze on resources. Most funds tend to be directed toward advancing your external cause rather than to supporting administration. Getting more than core objectives accomplished can be a real struggle—and doing so within budget, nearly impossible.

Nonprofit managers and administrators are accountable for the financial activities of the organization to benefactors, governing boards, and often their community. And grant applications or other funding pursuits must demonstrate your organization’s accountability, sound management, and reliable resources.

Imagine a CPA firm that will help you satisfy your assurance needs and financial reporting requirements for governing boards; a firm that performs accounting, bookkeeping, and audit procedures that will help bring to fruition a stable, sustainable operating plan. By having our team scrutinize your accounting processes and records, everyone involved can gain confidence in your financial security.

Nonprofit organizations often rely on volunteer efforts to coordinate programs and events. Many volunteers handle cash regularly, but few organizations have proper controls in place to assure cash and other assets are safeguarded. As a result, nonprofit organizations are inherently susceptible to fraud. Fraud audits can also be performed to detect a known or suspected fraud occurrence—or just reduce the opportunity for it.

Maintaining 501(c)(3) tax exempt status is a key concern. Our team prepares your Forms 990 and other reports. We also develop internal control systems, record keeping procedures, statistical benchmarking reports, and help with annual projects such as budget preparation and analysis.

Call on the CPA firm that knows how to help you further your organization’s cause.

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