Business owners and operators juggle lots of tasks. Most struggle to balance resources like time, people, and cash flow, all while keeping customers happy and an eye toward success. With all of these goals in mind, it can be pretty hard to see the forest for the trees.

You know you need assistance when:

  • You can’t seem to find at least a few hours each month to think clearly and proactively about how to improve and sustain your top and bottom line results.
  • You aren’t getting management and financial reports necessary for you to effectively monitor business performance.
  • You aren’t sure what reports you need to be reviewing or what to do with the information.
  • You don’t have the time or the energy to put important safeguards in place to catch errors or prevent fraud.
  • You’re short-handed around the office; you have an open position or an employee on extended leave—or you’re just growing fast!

Engage PSK to supplement your team—whether it’s to set up management reporting, track progress, or monitor your financial transactions, the value of our services is guaranteed to exceed the price. Why hire a full-time employee for $70,000+ a year, plus benefits, when you can call on PSK for the same services at a fraction of the cost?

Our rent-a-controller services include the supervision of financial accounting staff, ledger-to-account reconciliations, audits performed by other firms, budget preparation and oversight. We also assist in creating streamlined accounting procedures and establishing internal controls for your business.

Flexible to meet your needs, our accounting professionals are available to work with you on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or “as needed” basis. If your business has a full-time accounting or finance related employee going on leave or moving on, one of our accountants can fill the position on a temporary basis.

Contact us to put your finance department in capable hands with PSK.

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