“I can highly recommend the accounting firm of PSK, LLP”

Church management is becoming more and more complex in the light of world we live in. From an Executive Pastor and Business Manager’s perspective, I can highly recommend the accounting firm of PSK, LLP to join your staff as an integral part of your management team. It has been my pleasure to utilize the services of PSK since 1999, and I can assure you that the services they bring to your church add value to your office and operations. They have an understanding of church business that goes beyond the accounting office as they have assisted us in developing policies and other guidelines that a young church like ours needed to implement. One of the things they bring to us that I find invaluable is their annual audit and review process. For me, it brings accountability and professionalism to the finances of the church that the church and bankers like to see.

I have recommended PSK to several other churches and have yet to be told that I lead them astray. You will be exceptionally satisfied with the people and the services of PSK…I guarantee it.

Joe M. Ward

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