ECFA and Commission on Financial Accountability

Just finished listening to a webcast of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) – – on the commission it's been asked to set up by Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa).  For several years, Grassley's been pushing hard on some high-profile tele-evangelists on some big questions.  Now, he's asking the ECFA to be an independent group and offer suggested solutions to some key issues.  A couple of the areas to be examined:

1. Should churches be required to file an IRS form 990, like other nonprofits?

2. Should the ministerial housing allowance exclusion be modified/limited?

3. Should the prohibition against political campaign intervention by churches be repealed?

4. Sould there be tighter requirements related to "love offerings"?

I think the ECFA is very much on our side, so they'll protect the interests of churches in general.  Still, because it is a long-standing advocate of financial accountability by churches, the ECFA will probably advocate some tightening up in certain areas.

PSK is planning on being involved with the commission, at least in providing input.  Thoughts anyone?

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