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Every church needs a strong foundation of current and accurate information for financial planning, tax compliance, and risk management. Failure to stay fully informed in today’s environment can lead to serious problems for both the church and its leaders. No resource responds better to this need than Church Finance Today.
Few attorneys, CPAs, or business administrators specialize in the needs of the church. As a result, it’s hard for church leaders to get authoritative and accurate information. That’s what sets Church Finance Today apart. Church Finance Today focuses exclusively on the needs of the church. Its team of editors include attorneys, CPAs, certified financial planners, risk managers, former IRS officials, administrators, and professors who are leading experts, professionally trained, and fully dedicated to serving the needs of the church.
Richard Hammar, the senior editor of Church Finance Today, is widely considered the leading authority in the United States today regarding church law and tax issues. A graduate of Harvard Law School, he is both an attorney and CPA, and is the author of more than 25 books on legal and tax issues for churches and clergy.
Church Finance Today keeps you informed like never before with timely and practical information . . . written in plain English! You’ll get simple and concise explanations to help you understand and comply with tax reporting obligations. You’ll stay up-to-date on relevant IRS developments, court rulings, and legislation with examples and implications for your church. You’ll find practical assistance in responding to problem areas that often catch church leaders by surprise.
Important reasons why your church should receive Church Finance Today:
  • Risk Management. Staying informed is your best risk management strategy. In today’s legal environment, ignorance can be costly.
  • Cost and Satisfaction. You get an entire year for the same price as about 10 minutes with an attorney. Plus your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.
  • Current. You’ll stay on the cutting edge of new legislation and important tax developments.
  • Comprehensive. Church Finance Today covers a broad range of topics and issues.
  • Authoritative. You’ll receive information you can rely on.
  • Straightforward. You’ll get information that is written in plain English.
  • Practical. You’ll find practical information that can be applied to your church.
  • Compliance. You’ll receive information that will enable you to comply with federal requirements.
  • Ongoing Support. You can ask questions online and interact with other subscribers from across the country.

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