All It Takes is One Person

As I was doing my routine search for fraud related news this morning, I stumbled upon this story:

In my search for fraud related news articles I have come across a wide range of scenarios, but majority had a common denominator; the church impacted by fraud either dissolved or struggled for survival in the aftermath.

Tithes, offerings and contributions are the bloodline of every church. The need to uphold the confidence amongst its members and general public is extremely important, not just because it is important for the continued existence of the ministry but also because it is our duty to be good stewards.

Most members and donors would curtail or completely disassociate themselves with a church if they have any reservations about the financial activities of that church. So performing annual fraud risk assessments at your church is not only vital for members’ confidence but also can be extremely effective in drawing additional members and contributions.

Remember, all it takes is one person with the motivation and opportunity to bring down your church.

Are you willing to take that risk?

To help you be proactive in protecting your church we have created FACT, which will identify any cracks in your system and help you prevent fraud.

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