Embezzlement, fraud and employee theft have occurred since the earliest existence of business. But most of us never envision such a thing happening within our own organization; it’s something that only happens to others.

Companies lose an average of six percent of revenue to fraud and abuse. For a large business that might not seem significant, but for a small business, nonprofit organization, church, ministry or government entity such as a public school, even small losses can be serious.

At PSK, we combine our investigative skills and accounting process knowledge to detect inconsistencies in your accounting records and look for ‘holes’ in your systems, and show you how to plug them.

Fraud detection and prevention is not an art, it is a science-and we are here to reduce the risk of fraud occurring in your organization. Ensuring safeguards are established, in advance, is a much more empowering and less emotional experience than bringing us in to investigate suspected abuse by employees or volunteers.

Of course, if the worst has happened and your organization has been hit by fraud, PSK can conduct a fraud or forensic audit to examine the discrepancies and determine the dollar value of damages. We are happy to help in this case but we would prefer to work with you to prevent fraud from occurring in the first place.

If you suspect misuse of business funds or you just want to sleep better knowing you’ve done all you can to avoid it, contact PSK today.

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What Can We Do For You?