Budget Development – Scheduling

Done correctly, budget planning is a time consuming process.  A church should not build the rocket as it is launched!  Effective budget planning starts well before the budget year begins.  The following is a suggested budget development schedule based on a March 31 year end.  Notice that the work begins six months before day one of the fiscal year being planned. 

  • September

Establish a calendar to chart the process

Review the church mission, vision and strategy

Develop ministry goals for the coming year

  • October

Project expected revenues, fixed or ongoing costs

Determine available funds

Distribute budget request packets to ministers/laity/teams charged with budget responsibilities

  • November

Completed budget requests returned to the budget development team

Requests are reviewed/approved

Preliminary budget developed

  • December


  • January

Final analysis of budget


  • February & March

Stewardship emphasis

  • April


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