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What’s the group in your church that has the real authority? Whatever you call them – Board of Deacons, Board of Elders, Pastoral Council, Leadership Team – you need to have them read this March 30th article from the Fort Worth Star Telegram –

Scary stuff! The IRS is starting to enforce rules regarding the responsibility that board members of nonprofit organizations have.

For some time, I’ve been telling people, who are on the boards/councils charged with the governance of their church, they really HAVE to be on top of what’s happening in their church. If you’re a member of the board of directors (or your church’s equivalent), you are held responsible for the actions and the “mis-actions” of your church. The rules have been in place for some time but most people aren’t aware of them and the IRS hasn’t enforced them. But they are on the books and the implications are very significant!

I rely on The Church Law Group for expert advice on such matters. Their website is –

Of note, their book entitled Nonprofit Law for Religious Organizations, by Bruce Hopkins and David Middlebrook. I have a copy of it on my credenza, within arm’s reach!

Bottom line: don’t be scared off, just be informed (know what’s going on) and involved (make sure it’s done right).


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I would imagine most people reading this blog are aware of the tragedy that took place yesterday at First Baptist Church of Maryville, Illinois. However, for those who have not read or heard the news, a gunman shot and killed the church’s pastor during the Sunday worship service. This particularly caught my attention because my family is originally from Southern Illinois and I still have cousins living in the area. In fact many, many years ago my father planted churches in the area with one of his church plants being in Maryville. I am emotionally connected to the area where this took place.

When things like this happen one often wonders what can be done. Here are two things:

First, we need to pray. We need to pray for the pastor’s family and for the church congregation.

Second, if you are involved in church administration I would recommend you review your church’s security measures. If you have never implemented security plans you might consider consulting with professionals knowledgeable about such things. Here is one:

But most of all, I think we need to pray.


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Why the Frog?

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by Verne Hargrave

FrogAfter viewing our website or reading one of our brochures we are often asked this question. Evidently, it is a little perplexing to some why a CPA firm would choose a frog as its mascot. So, as we inaugurate this blog the first thing I want to do is “explain the frog.”

First, the frog is not a mascot.

We don’t have a firm mascot; never have and probably never will. But, if we did, it certainly wouldn’t be a frog! Who would choose a frog as a mascot? Oh, I know Texas Christian University’s football team is called the Frogs, but they’re not frogs at all–just a fierce looking lizard.

So, let me tell you what the frog is all about.

While searching images on Yahoo one day, in an attempt to find ideas for a new firm brochure, I came upon a picture that not only caught my eye but also reminded me of something. The picture was of a little green tree frog desperately hanging from a tree branch for dear life. This picture reminded me of the plight some church business administrators find themselves in.

I will never forget the first time I sat in on one of Dr. Judy Stamey and Dr. Bill Caldwell’s NACBA certification seminars. To say I was moved as I heard one administrator after another share their struggles is an understatement. Many of them were just like the frog in the picture, hanging on for dear life.

That’s why we chose the frog. It represents the plight many administrators tell us they find themselves in. And, it reminds us of the role we serve here at PSK–helping churches and administrators move safely off the limb they are clinging to and back to safety.

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