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Church Fraud Detection in Fort Worth, Texas – Scandal in Tarrant County

the necessity of church fraud prevention in ft worth tx

Yet another scam targeting the financial integrity of churches took place in Fort Worth, Texas as police sought a man who used a hard luck story to take close to $5,000 from as many as 10 Tarrant County churches. Illustrating how necessary thorough church fraud detection and church fraud prevention can be, police say the man may have been preying on the financial integrity of churches since at lest 2005.

Latest Fraud Detection News from the Church

Church Fraud Detection News | Marlon and Verna Hibbert Defraud Parishioners

Fraud in the church continues to be a threat as recent stories have shown. These stories of Christian churches and fraud in the past 12 months should serve as cautionary tales of church fraud. In an ideal world, Christian churches shouldn’t have to worry about fraud detection and prevention, yet as these stories show, it would be wise for all churches to set up a secure church fraud protection plan. Many people trust that when they donate to a church or ministry, the money will be used for the benefit of others, and that trust is one of the most important reasons for fraud protection in the church.


Church embezzlement case goes to trial

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Pastor ordered to stand trial for personal use of Church funds

– defense claims pastor had almost no rules to follow.

Lansing State Journal has the complete story @

CFO gets Eight Years

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Washington church CFO received his eight year sentance after his August conviction of emebezzling from the church. “He exploited other people’s charity to fund his extravagant vacations, VIP tickets to NBA games, and fancy cars,” U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen said in a statement.

See the story at ABC7

Who’s kingdom are pastors building?

An Indianapolis pastor admitted to misusing $500k loaned to local Church for a building project that was never built.

See original story here.

Story obtained from News 6 – The Indy Channel.

Church CFO takes church for nearly $500k!

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Having a church CFO or business administrator that can do everything can be a real blessing.  The downside is if there aren’t proper checks and balances in place, he may decide to use that power to defraud the church.  Jason Todd Reynolds was a trusted employee for seven years but he ended up buying three cars on the church’s credit card, paid his mortgage with church checks, and just plain wrote checks to himself.  A simple review of the bank reconciliation and statements by a board member could have revealed this fiduciary misconduct.  Often times church business administrators and CFO’s are looking over your shoulder, but who’s double checking their work at your church?

See original story.

Information obtained from Maryland Community News Online.

Eight Million Lost in Investment Scheme, Church & Members Suffer

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With great risk comes great reward, sometimes…  Church officials and members of St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church in Orange, Massachusetts lost big in an investment scheme promising big gains.  It can be tempting to investigate alternative investments in our uncertain economic situation, but we recommend exercising extreme care in these decisions.  Make sure you have savvy business men and women on your governing board and ensure that your organization enacts an investment policy. Effective investment policies include an outline of the goals and risks tolerances the Church is willing to accept to reach those goals.  Let’s all work together to protect the resources the Lord has blessed us with.

Information obtained from Boston Globe.

Church Treasurer and Assistant Embezzle $366k from North Carolina Coffers

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This trusted, married couple in the Church held the position of Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer with complete discretion of managing Church finances.  They were part of the Church for over a decade, surely they weren’t committing any fraud?!  In a simple review of the monthly cash reconciliations, these fraudsters would likely have been caught earlier having written a total of 811 checks to themselves over a three year period totaling $366,156.  Many times our firm recommends that there be someone independent (like a board member) who reviews the monthly cash reconciliations for any unusual items, such as usual or frequent checks written to employees.   Are you prepared for this kind of threat?

See original story here.

Details obtained from

Woman gets 4 years in prison for embezzling more than $280,000 from Virginia Beach church

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — A former financial officer has been sentenced to four years in prison for embezzling more than $280,000 from a Virginia Beach church.

Michele Moeser Roberts pleaded guilty last December to felony embezzlement. Prosecutors say the 62-year-old Roberts wrote herself checks and gave false financial statements to the treasurer at Kings Grant Baptist Church.

Media outlets report that Roberts was sentenced Wednesday in Virginia Beach Circuit Court. Judge Leslie L. Lilley sentenced Roberts to 20 years and then suspended 16 years of the term. Roberts also must make restitution.

“Woman gets 4 years in prison for embezzling more than $280,000 from Virginia Beach church.”  –  The Republic

Published: 21 April 2011
Web accessed: 21 April 2011

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