Security Blanket #1- It Could Never Happen Here

Churches continue to play a dangerous game.  While the number and magnitude of fraud incidents rapidly accelerate, few churches are taking the time or spending the money to develop a wall of fraud protection.  Many different reasons are offered in defense of this inactivity.  But, this one leads the parade: “It could never happen here.”  Nothing could be further from the truth and proof of this contention is easy to find.  I offer two.

First, current events scream that something is wrong.  All that is necessary to make this point is to perform a Google © search for “church embezzlement” or “church fraud”.  I do this weekly and each and every week I am provided a fresh batch of news stories where yes indeed, “It did happen here”.  These headlines clearly communicate that fraud in the church house is prevalent.  In fact, the case can be made that it is epidemic.

Another proof not only teaches that it can happen in any church, but that church embezzlement is not a new phenomenon. The fact is, fraud in the congregation has been taking place since the very beginning.  Take a look at the Gospel of John, Chapter 12, Verse 6.  The apostle makes it crystal clear that Judas Iscariot was an embezzler before he became a betrayer.  Jesus had an embezzler within His inner circle who stole from the first congregation. 

My conclusion?  If it can happen there, it can happen anywhere.

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