Susan Parker

Firm Administrator

As Firm Administrator, Susan’s role at PSK is primarily internal, handling recruiting, employee reviews, benefits, and other Firm-related business.

Her prior experience includes 38 years in Information Technology, many of those years in various IT management positions. For 19 years, she was in senior management for a privately held company doing business with some of the largest financial institutions in the United States.

Susan joined PSK in 2015, bringing a business perspective and extensive management background to PSK in her role as Firm Administrator.

Words to live by

Work diligently, give generously, love deeply, plant more flowers than you pick.

Interests outside of work

Reading, travel, and spending time with my grandchildren, along with Project RestoreHope providing care and education for orphan children in Sierra Leone

All-time favorite movie

A Walk in the Clouds

What was your first job?

Proofreader for a yearbook publisher

What music/bands do you like to listen to?

George Strait and country music are my favorite but I also like Broadway, easy listening and old Rock and Roll

What lesson from mom or dad do you still live by today?

From my dad – always keep your word. From my mom – always treat others as you want to be treated

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